3 Simple Ways to Live to 100

One of the first things we say to people who live past 80, 90 or even up to 100 is “what’s your secret?” In reality, it’s not all that secret. We all have the ability to make choices that will lead us to a long, healthy life, and they aren’t out of reach either. With that being said, here are three easy ways to make it into ‘The Century Club.’

1. Find a replacement for red meat.

The trick to living to 100 isn’t necessarily becoming a full-on vegan, but instead swapping out that steak with a healthy plant-based protein. Studies have shown that reducing our red meat and poultry intake reduces our cholesterol levels, ultimately aiding towards a healthier heart. Most people think that without meat and poultry we have no source of protein, when in fact there are many plant-based protein options out there such as lentils, almonds and quinoa. There are many more sources of protein besides red meat and they might extend your life, more than you think and you might just find you like them just as much!

2. Sit less, stand more.

As you may have heard, many refer to sitting as the new form of smoking. This is because sitting down often contributes to a higher risk of dying younger. While our natural impulses push us to take the leisurely route and sit a majority of the time, finding ways to stand up and get moving will help you get to triple digits. Even though many of us work from home nowadays and we only go from the bed to the couch, we can incorporate small movements throughout the day that have a BIG impact even bigger than 30 minutes at the gym. Things such as treadmill desks have become widely popular over the last couple of years because they allow for simple exercise while getting your work from home done. You can also opt for a simple adjustable height desk that allows you to work while sitting or standing. Moreover, there are so many ways that we can get our bodies up and moving while we work, so that we decrease the effects all that sitting can have on our bodies.

3. Find your favorite stress management method.

It has become more widely known that the more stressed you are, the shorter your life may be. However, stress is something that is a part of not only yours, but everyone’s life and it isn’t going away anytime soon. So, we must find ways to cope with this stress in order to live long lives. Take some time to yourself to figure out what things help to lessen the stresses in life. For some it is exercising and others it’s picking up creative hobbies like knitting or painting. It depends on the person and amount of stress that person takes on, but finding simple ways to cope will take your life a long way.

We all want to live long and healthy lives, but oftentimes taking the steps to get there can be challenging. However, when we take on that challenge and do the things that are best for our mind, body and soul, the challenge will be one of the best parts of the journey.

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