Beth Hazelton



Beth is certified as a Health Coach, Life Coach, Trainer in the Success Principles and a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  Beth has spent the last 14 years helping others create health, find their passion and move in the direction of their goals.

"My Life Purpose is to use my knowledge and belief in others to encourage and inspire people to love and care for themselves, identify their core genius, live a balanced life, surrounded by a community of people who are uplifting, supportive and will believe in them every step of the way."


I have been going through the principles of success with Beth for the last 3 months.
This has been an amazing experience for me in my business and personal development journey.
I think one of the first breakthroughs was to identify my mission statement, and to stop living a fragmented life.
Beth has encouraged me, inspired me and asked me the right questions in order to dig deeper and I have developed more awareness and committed to take full responsibility for my life decisions.
As a result I have seen a growth in my business and a confidence that I can pursue goals and believe that great outcomes are possible.
I’m excited for my future business and I would love to impact others and awaken them to live to their highest potential.

Silvia H

Beth is an incredible mentor, community leader and all around wonderful human being! She knows how to keep you motivated and will help you stay accountable to reach your goals.
I met Beth at the WVWC Chamber of Commerce in 2019 where we shared our passion for wellness and helping the community. We instantly connected (Beth has AMAZING energy) and decided to take our commitment to health to the next level and Co-Lead the Wellness Resource at WVWCC and even helped run a successful Wellness EXPO in October 2019 with over 200+ attendees and 40 vendors.

Since then Beth has helped me reach goals and gain confidence to build my business. I highly recommend meeting with Beth, she will change for life for the better!

Katherine T